As a writer, you wonder whether your small words will ever make it out there in the big, wide world. Your writing is really just an extension of yourself. Perhaps I need to distance myself from it emotionally. Perhaps distance is necessary at times to keep from thinking of writing as anything else but my one, true love. I found this quote on the Internet and thought it was sage advice. 



  1. Aethereal Engineer on October 15, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    A little distance is good for anything once in a while, it gives perspective. But don’t feel that you need to extinguish your passion for writing to write well. Just be aware of letting it take over everything. Let yourself do and love other things and people in life; they will enrich both yourself and the work you later create.

    Write what you love and love what you write, because the signature of your soul should be on every page you craft.

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