Few Worlds, Fewer Words

Across the world

You see people who look

And touch and sound

And you know 

When you return

You’ll have many words

To describe what you had seen

But almost no words

To describe your way home. 
  Sometimes you get that urge to travel. You look around at the same four walls of work, school, or wherever you are, and you daydream. And you daydream and you daydream, building up new places until they don’t just look like a new city or country. In your mind, they look like paradise, like Mt.  Olympus from Greek mythology. They, the real places, may not live up to your expectations. But what are we if not dreamers with even bigger dreams? How can we root ourselves in the present without something big to look forwards to? We live because of our dreams of who or what we many become. 

Dreams are so much greater than our reality. 

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