Stress Management

Considering my stress is usually through the roof with family, friends, school, extra curriculars and writing, I should be one of the top people to know about stress. Here are some tips on how I handle it.


  1. Weigh pros and cons of working through that stressful situation. Is it worth the time and energy? Are you worrying about something that’s truly important in your life?
  2. Are you making that situation worse than it actually is? Usually, a stressed mind is one that blows things way out of proportion. That one tiny coffee stain on that piece of paper does not usually equal the end of your entire adult life.
  3. Pretend that stressful situation doesn’t exist. Go spend some time with something or somebody you enjoy. Learn to love life again.
  4. Seek help. Never be too proud to admit when someone else can help ease your burden.
  5. Seek a creative outlet. As a writer, I write when I’m stressed. But hey, if math equations help you, then go right ahead. Just don’t do anything that will add more stress to your already busy life.
  6. Problem solve. If you procrastinated, find the weakness in your schedule that caused you to procrastinate. Did it start by typing in that URL for YouTube? Are those cookies too close to your desk space?
  7. Never lose your motivation. If already stressed, then the worst thing you can do is to just allow that stress to overwhelm you. Take your time to recuperate and then get back to doing what you love. Live life the way you wish to live it. I know you can do it my fellow stress-sufferi


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