Moments Every Procrastinator Can Relate To

1.      You find yourself on YouTube watching one video…and then another…and another…and—

2.      You promise yourself just one episode on Netflix this time. Just one, you SWEAR it.

3.      You find that going to bed extremely late is a lot more common than being an early riser.

4.      You and three A.M. are very close friends.

5.      Midnight on New Year’s Eve is nothing because you’ve done it so many times before.

6.      One A.M. is when you have that “Oh…****” moment.

7.      Doing productive things like cleaning your room or reorganizing your closet seems like more fun than the actual task at hand

8.      You search up “How Not to Procrastinate” before you inevitably end up procrastinating

9.      You bought the “Self-Control” books. You’ll read them one day. Eventually.

10.  You like caffeine. Without it, you cannot function.

11.  You’re reading this instead of some job you have to do.

12.  If your phone is anywhere near you, you check it obsessively.

13.  Your Google search bar has seen some really, REALLY strange searches.

14.  You refresh your email/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr/etc. feed…a lot.

15.  At the end of the day, you promise yourself you’ll never procrastinate again.

16.  ^(Yeah… right.)

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