Writing When You’re Happy V.S. Writing When You’re Sad


Life has its ups and downs just as I’ve had my personal ups and downs, the feeling of either climbing to the top of Mt. Everest or falling face-first from it. I’ve had times where it’s gray outside and the early hours of winter darkness make me feel as though even getting out of my warm, comfortable bed is useless. There have been times in the summer when I stare at the sun and feel listless. Then there are times when I feel energetic, ready to take on the world with a smile on my face—a smile that doesn’t feel pasted on: genuine. Here’s a comparison list on how writing makes me feel when I’m happy V.S. writing when I’m sad.

HAPPY: The first page of my new story! How exciting, think of all the possibilities!

SAD: stares at the blank page and has so many regrets

HAPPY: All of my story ideas end happily

SAD: kills off characters

HAPPY: I feel so productive! Look at all these pages I’ve written.

SAD: Ten pages of trash…. Delete.

HAPPY: My prose is so beautiful. I think I’m going to shed a tear of joy.

SAD: I’m just venting my emotions here

HAPPY: Ah, I love coffee!

SAD: I feel like such a poser drinking coffee and writing

HAPPY: I can write this story all day!

SAD: Clicks towards the internet and searches up random inexplicable thoughts on Google like scandals in Hollywood from the 1950s

HAPPY: I am a writer!

SAD: …Am I a writer?

I’ll end this with a note to always watch out for your mental wellbeing. And remember, sometimes writer’s block happens, and that’s okay. Go outside and put yourself out there, and sometimes the world might surprise you with how cool it can be.

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