Halloween Costumes for Writers

It’s Halloween (close enough to Halloween to put up snowmen and neon reindeers, anyways) so there have been a whole lot of lists on the internet telling you what costume to wear. You know what needs more lists? Costumes made specifically for writers!


Here’s my list of truly terrifying costumes for a writer’s halloween. 🙂


  1. Writer’s Block. Style this any way you want. Carry around a building block and a pen. Or dress up as a block with “writer’s” as your name tag. Get creative.
  2. The Blank Page.
  3. A Query Letter
  4. Desperation
  5. Your laptop
  6. Procrastination (I can see it now, a web browser with countless Google searches for the “benefits of coffee” with the time stamp set to 3 A.M.)
  7. A super cute couple’s costume, a Writer and their Reader!
  8. Email (All writers should have at least one email address… or five, just in case.)
  9. Stephen King and J.K. Rowling inspiration quotes (super easy to make at home. Get a pen and a blank t-shirt. Or just write it all over yourself.)
  10. A Cliche (a young protagonist becomes the chosen one… hey, wait a minute…)

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