Some More Winter Writing Prompts

Here are some winter writing prompts, ten of them to be exact, for any writers who feel like they need some inspiration or just a way to get out of that writing funk.

  1. You wake up married to your worst enemy.
  2. You are trapped in an eternal winter, but then you discover you are the only one to have the powers to stop it.
  3. You are forced to have the same dream repeatedly until you make amends with some error you made.
  4. Cold seeps into your bones, you’ve stumbled upon a cottage in the middle of the woods, strange music emanating from within…
  5. You can’t get the lyrics of a song out of your head, but once you hear what you’re singing on a recording, you discover there’s a dark secret trapped within those lyrics.
  6. A grizzled elder person knocks on your door, proclaiming they have the power to turn back time…
  7. You suddenly can control the dream world; how will you use it?
  8. You have once choice: live in eternal winter or eternal summer. Which do you choose?
  9. You find you have inherited a kingdom from a long-lost relative! Will you be benevolent or cruel?
  10. You are invited to a secret society one rainy winter’s night. You’re in a foreign country, your cellphone battery starts to blink towards red. The address of the society is only a few steps away, at least it’s shelter…

There you go, all the wintry inspiration you need! Happy writing. J

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