Reasons Why Writers are Superheroes


The power to play literary god at your fingertips. Who wouldn’t manage to get a power rush from that? Here are ten reasons why writers are like your favorite cape-crusading, sidekick-bailing, villain-jailing superheroes.

  1. Writers can play god and kill/create characters at a whim
  2. Writers who go undercover and report on bad conditions can do a lot of good, like Nellie Bly who helped uncover the hellish scenario of insane asylums in the late 1800s
  3. Writers can control an entire Not only do writers create worlds, they kind of are the world.
  4. Writers have the superpower of imagination
  5. Superman can save a cat in a tree then help an old lady cross the street all at once. Writers can plot a book and attend a family dinner all at the same time (hint: inside their head. When a writer spaces out in a conversation, they’re just plotting their next book)
  6. Superheroes fight supervillains. Writers fight writer’s block
  7. Writers have a weakness. Superman has kryptonite. Writers have coffee, tea, and lack of sleep.
  8. Iron Man had Jarvis. We have the almighty Google.
  9. Batman has a bat mobile. We have laptops to take us on magical journeys to manuscript land.
  10. Superheroes save the day and are pretty damn awesome. And so are we.


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