How to Be a Slush Pile Warrior

How to Survive the Slush Pile


I know a lot of you are feeling down in the dumps. We’re slush pile warriors, the ones who go into battle armed with a pen and a dream, and leave with the pen out of ink and the dream broken. Here are ten ways to feel better about it and not lose hope.

  1. Look up happy music and listen to it on repeat. Hold a dance party
  2. Go to a party
  3. If not an extrovert, ignore step two. Read a good book
  4. Take a walk in nature
  5. Write a different manuscript to get your mind off the one you’re submitting
  6. Go to a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and tell yourself that you can do this
  7. Remember WHY you’re a writer in the first place. Was it your dream since childhood? Did somebody inspire you?
  8. Look up inspiring stories of famous authors who struggled to find their agents. J.K. Rowling, anyone?
  9. Find a loved one or pet and hold them close.
  10. Remember that you are amazing. Nobody else can define you.

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