10 Things Bookworms and Gamers Have in Common

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Guess what? When I was in 3rd grade, I called myself a book-gamer. It basically meant that I loved books and video games SOOO much that the current English vocabulary wasn’t enough to sustain it. I needed to add a word into the dictionary.

Book-gamer – (n) a bookworm who games.

Synonyms – Me

Antonyms – JabberwockyImage result for gamer gif

Anyways, so I know there are different levels to both gaming and bookworm communities. No, I’m sorry that I don’t have the first edition to every single Harry Potter book bound in leather in my extensive book case made of solid dragon oak. (Excuse me. I am just a humble, woeful author). No, I’m sorry that my first console was a Nintendo GameCube and I didn’t play anything beyond a T rating until I got to college. (My parents were strict as can be and I only convinced them to move it up to T-rated games when I was already a senior in high school. They STILL don’t know I play games above T… Hi mom and dad, love you).

But here are 10 things that bookworms and gamers have in common. Stay tuned, they’re pretty “oh duh! Of COURSE!” once you see them.

  1. You both get really engrossed in worlds other people create
  2. You get emotionally invested in the characters. E.g. you believe you ARE that character (you’re trying to defeat Bowser. You ARE Divergent. You want to rule the world!!!)
  3. You may collect memorabilia of a particularly nostalgic game/book. (Action figures. Trading cards. Bookmarks. Special mugs for tea/coffee)
  4. You are proud of being a bookworm/gamer
  5. You HATE spoilers. (I am personally the person who LOVES reading spoilers. I’m too curious NOT to know. And knowing ahead of time doesn’t really ruin it for me. I just get excited that I know it no matter when I find it out. Even murder mysteries.)
  6. You follow your favorite author/game-designer and maybe had a crush on them when you were a child.
  7. When you find a fellow bookworm/gamer who played the same game/read same books, you fangirl and gush about your favorite books/games.
  8. You cannot understand why people frown upon bookworms/gamers
  9. You spend time alone reading books/playing games. OR alternately you spend lots of time in book/gaming clubs
  10. You love escapism. Whether you’re between the pages of a good book or killing aliens with special combos and a limited-edition mod, bookworms and gamers have more in common than you think. Embrace it.

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