What Your Music Choices Say About You as a Writer

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This is closer to a writer version of an online personality quiz, but I decided to write a light-hearted post of what your music playlist means if you’re a writer. Don’t take it to heart. Or do. Whatever floats your musical boat.

Let’s get… listening?

  1. Silence. Hello darkness my old friend… I’m either mysterious, or writing this on my laptop at the local coffee shop on my typewriter. Or I just can’t focus with music, you plebeians.
  2. Movie soundtracks. Oh yeah. I’m writing the next blockbuster movie-book-three-figure-deal right here. Or I just really hope to.
  3. Classical. I am so cultured. Look at my refined tastes. That, or like the silence person, I just can’t focus with those gosh-darned lyrics!
  4. Classic rock. Ah, the good old days. They just don’t make music like they used to anymore. Nostalgia’s a cruel, cruel mistress.
  5. Dubstep. I need LOUD MUSIC to distract me from my THOUGHTS/ BACKGROUND NOISE as I’m TRYING TO WRITE HERE.
  6. Pop. I just turn on the radio. I don’t really have a specific music taste. Who has time to make those extensive playlists anyways?
  7. Emo. I just… have…so many… FEELINGS that the dark poetry of my soul cannot comprehend.
  8. Foreign music. Why can’t I live in INSERT-PLACE-HERE instead of INSERT-BORING-PLACE-HERE?!?
  9. Heavy metal. I am summoning the Antichrist. Or I just really like heavy metal. One of the two. Or both.
  10. Ambient noise. I like listening to birds. Or rain. Or wind. Or I just need something to block out all the noise. SHUT UP, JANET!

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