10 Signs You Have a YouTube Problem






1. You start every conversation with, “Hey, what’s up you guys? My name is NAME and today, I’m going to…”

2. You do all the challenges. Ice bucket. Cinnamon. Lip challenge. Everything.

3. You don’t hang out. You do “collabs”.

4. You’ve started talking to yourself and narrating your day like a vlogger.

5. You watch a cooking/baking video and think “yeah, I can do that…”

6. You’ve seen the dark side of the internet and come back unscathed.

7. You get this reference: “Hi everyone. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy…”

8. You keep up with YouTube drama.

9. You REALLY want to go to VidCon.

10. As soon as you start typing in “y” in the URL box, you get “YOUTUBE” as your first result. But that’s okay. You’ll get out of that YouTube hole… just one more cat video…


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