When Writing Doesn’t Come Easy

Writing when you’re struggling is HARD.

Screw that idea that Van Gogh cutting off his ear and suffering with mental health somehow makes an artist “a genius” or better. No, it just means he felt a whole lot of pain while attempting to still, as the struggle went on, make some form of art.

Art isn’t made better or more ingenious because the creator suffers. It just makes it that much harder to write in the first place.

Writing can serve as an outlet, but that’s usually in the form of journaling. Trying to keep up with your OCs or your WIPs and your personal deadlines? That’s damned hard.

Sometimes, I write in the zone. I work and work until it hits 4 PM and I wonder why all I’ve had to eat that dat was oatmeal and coffee. It feels like a hangover that hits you, hard, but no electrolytes are going to get you out of it.

Here’s a note to the writers and the artists of all sorts who create despite it hurting. Who struggle to get pen to page or brush to portrait and still, somehow, manage to make something. Here’s to it not coming effortlessly. Here’s to days where we don’t know if it’s worth it.

Here’s to you.

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