Writing Time

Do you find yourself making time for writing fairly easily or does writing bulldoze its way through your schedule and shout, “Pick me! Pick me!” like an insistent four-year old? I feel, at times, as though writing has become a daily part of life. It’s kind. It’s patient. Occasionally it’s overpowering and forces you to choose between lunch or comma editing. But writing is emotional so much as it is physical. It isn’t a need so much as it is a craving. Some people enjoy it. Others consider it a waste of time. And still others consider it a necessary evil. Sometimes I see it as a chore. Other times it’s a coping mechanism. And other times beyond that, it’s a way for me to escape and forget about life. Writing is a pleasant distraction. Other times it’s a distracting pleasure. I suppose, like all other things, writing is simply complex. 


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