Motivation to Keep on Writing

You are almost at the end of your manuscript. You are just beginning. You are in the middle with tons of pages behind you and a blank script in front. You have so many possibilities still there. You can reach them all if you just let the words come forth from you. Let your mind wander. Let your imagination take new heights and tether itself to every possibility. Don’t let your thoughts remain constricted by what other people are writing or what they’ve accomplished. Only see you. Only see you as that little kid or that student or dropout or lover or fighter or whoever you are. Only see you as that person who first picked up a pen or a laptop and decided that they wanted to be a writer someday. See yourself as powerful. See yourself as vulnerable. See yourself and that piece of paper in a new light. That is your story that only you can tell. If you don’t tell it, then nobody else will hear it. Nobody else can see just how brilliant you are, how absolutely wonderful. Nobody can see what you were meant to be on this earth to do. And only you can do it.

Only you can write like you can, see what you see, and become what you can become.

Now what are you waiting for?

Writing isn’t just a job.

It’s your life. And that’s absolutely wonderful. Remember why you loved writing so much in the first place.

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