How to Stay Motivated During the Summer

            When summer comes, it’s easy for us all to fall into the trap of thinking, “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” The days get warmer, the outside doesn’t look like a snow-ridden zombie Apocalypse wasteland, and the pool is finally open. But the work of a writer is never ending. And, before you know it, you’ll wake up to find that fall is coming and you haven’t been quite as productive as you wished during the summer.

            Well, here’s a lovely list to help keep motivated when summer, ice cream, and trips to the mall beckon over, oh I don’t know, that little thing called writing.

1.      Make a to-do list. And check it every morning

2.      Don’t mess up your sleep schedule. (I need help with that one). Going to bed at three A.M. is only going to make you sleep in until twelve and waste the rest of the day.

3.      Set goals and keep them. This isn’t the time to pull a New Year Resolution, break it, and say that you’ll just “do it next year”. Keep that willpower strong, young Jedi!

4.      Balance work and play or Jack becomes a very dull boy

5.      Don’t overwork yourself either. A burned out writer is an unhappy writer. And unhappy writers don’t like writing anymore and…ahem, go a little crazy. Refer to number four and any references to “The Shining” to see if that one comes true.

6.      Call your writing buddies to help keep you in check. Or your friend. Heck, call your cat/dog/fish/hamster/significant other to help you out if you want to. Just have someone in your life who will act as a reason for you to get out there and get writing!

7.      If you really just DON’T want to do anything but know you HAVE to write, then set up post it notes all around your house with messages to keep you going.

8.      If the post-it notes don’t work, set up an app

9.      If downloading the app doesn’t work, put your cell phone into hibernation. Let’s face it, 99% of procrastination begins when you pull up the internet tab on your electronic device. Unless doing research or marketing, do not open the internet. The last thing you need is another all-night session of 3 A.M. cat videos

10.  Keep your physical shape up to match keeping your mental shape up! If you feel unhealthy, then your mind feels sluggish too. Don’t sit on the couch all day! Enjoy the fresh air and remember, summer adventure beckons just as much as your writing life does! Just keep it all in balance and you’ll be A-Okay! 


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