Perfect Comebacks to Unleash When People Say Writing isn’t a Real Job

I’m about to head off to college soon, so here’s one lighthearted article before I go off into the metaphorical wilderness of moving in (and the literal wilderness of a freshman camping bonding trip). Sure, some people sincerely are concerned with your wellbeing. And some people simply aren’t. Here are a few comebacks for those who say “no, a real job…”

P.S. No offense intended, just some fun.

  1. At least I have one.
  2. Neither is breathing, but you still do it.
  3. Why don’t you get a real friend? No, a real one.
  4. Mhmm, yes, why don’t you write a book and then come back to check on me later if it’s just that easy?
  5. It’s not a hobby, actually. It’s a life decision.
  6. I’ve found what makes me happy. Have you?
  7. I understand you’re worried about me, but not as worried as I am about you. (This one’s actually sort of sweet. Sort of.)
  8. And the winner for the greatest killer of joy and goodness is…
  9. *stare into their eyes for a few seconds until they get uncomfortable and then walk away slowly
  10. *laugh loudly- Oh wait, you were serious?
  11. Did you hear that? No, my mistake, I thought I heard common sense.

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