What Writers Say- Because the Internet is Glorious

Never one not to fall prey to internet culture, I decided to write up a blog post on the average poo (I’m trying not to swear here. Darn you censorship!) that writers say on a pretty regular basis.

Here goes nothing.

  1. Only one cup of coffee today. I’m trying to cut back.
  2. Tea and books, tea and books, tea and books…
  3. It’s 2 A.M. and I’m watching cat videos. What am I doing with my life?
  4. Scrolls through Instagram, sees so many books… Soooo many books.
  6. Wait, what was my Amazon password again?
  7. “Look at all these books you have to read!” (takes a picture and brags that you’ve read all of them)
  8. How cool would it be if I wrote on a typewriter? (Remembers Word has spell check) Never mind.
  9. (Finishes reading a book) Pffft. I can totally write something like this.
  10. (Finishes watching a movie) So if my book was adapted into a screenplay…
  11. Eavesdrops on other peoples’ conversations and thinks: “Oh, that’s some good writing material right there”.
  12. Suddenly has a new story idea. Searches for a pen and a napkin to write it on.
  13. Can hold a full-length conversation with the characters you’ve created. No, you’re not crazy. It’s “imagination”.
  14. Sees J.K. Rowling anywhere. Bows down in awe.
  15. I wonder how Tumblr is doing?
  16. Pulls out iPhone, I’ll be just one minute…
  17. Stares at blank page. Types one word. Deletes five pages. Calls it a day.
  18. NO I HAVE THE WRITER’S BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Imagines killing off story characters just for kicks.
  20. I love being a writer!
  22. My characters seem too happy right now…. How do I fix that?
  23. Looks up inspirational writing quotes online.
  24. Blogs about inspirational writing quotes instead of actually writing.
  25. Nanowrim—WHAT?


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