10 Creepy Things Every Author Does

Admit it. While we might not be eccentric to the levels of someone in an Edgar Allen Poe story (Or Poe himself), we’ve all done some wacky stuff. Here’s a top ten list that most authors can relate to.

  1. You record conversations inside your head and strip them bare for good character dialogue.
  2. Your internet search history looks like a serial killer’s. “Can a person die of –blank- in twenty-four hours? How much sleep does the human body REALLY need? How to build a death ray.” (It’s called research)
  3. You search up baby names without any plans of having children.
  4. You talk to the voices inside your head. (Sorry. That’s “reconstructing dialogue”)
  5. You can stare at a wall and still work on your novel mentally.
  6. You aspire to sign people’s books with your signature repeatedly to achieve a sense of fulfillment
  7. Your characters sometimes do things that you did NOT plan for them to do. (It’s almost like they’re alive or something.)
  8. You laugh at a joke your character makes. To nobody.
  9. You make tiny people do things in a fictional universe. E.g. you play God.
  10. You’re the one writing the story and you still don’t know how it ends.

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