10 Images Every Author Can Relate To

The internet is a beautiful place, and authors are beautiful people. Image searches are the meaning for procrastination/existence. So here’s a compiled list of pics that almost every author can relate to on a spiritual level.


  1. You find this incredibly sexy.

2. Or maybe this is more your speed.

3. You feel like a beast when you sit down to write your story.

4. Then beast mode ends because insert-website-from-procrastination-hell-here walks in.


5. You think you’re gonna rake in the dough from this book and end up on the cover of Time.

6. Then this hits you like a ton of bricks.

7. You want J.K. Rowling levels of fame. And you want it now…

8. Then you realize…

9. What killing off a character feels like.

10. But then Writer’s Block strikes.

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