Ten Things You Do Once You Get Back from College

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  1. Eat food like a vacuum cleaner because you’ve been living off ramen
  2. Hug your pet to bits
  3. Get asked if you gained/lost weight. (NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, JANET!)
  4. Wonder whatever happened to that one kid in high school that sat behind you in fifth period
  5. Miss your college friends
  6. Miss a free schedule
  7. Hug your parents.
  8. Fight with your parents. (I’M NOT A KID ANYMORE, JANET!)
  9. Realize you’re still a little child/ actually an independent adult somewhat
  10. Realize that you’ll probably never “grow up” as life is a process that we’re all guessing along the way. But accept that, and strive to do better. (Or binge-watch Netflix and eat potato chips. One of the two.)

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