10 Little Things Morning People Love


1. The sun when it first rises, and you feel like it’s just you and the world.

2. The scent of breakfast getting you out of bed, and the sleepiness fading away as you take that first sip of coffee/tea/IDK what else you’d drink, you heathen.

3. The quiet as you walk outside, and everybody’s sleepily going to work and school.

4. That promise you make to be productive, because suddenly you have more time in your day to do things. (Sometimes it works)

5. Feeling like you’re getting the hang of this adult thing. (Sometimes)

6. Everything’s empty because no one’s awake yet. More room for you!

7. Feeling like it’s been a long day, looking at the clock, and seeing it’s only ~ 3 P.M.

8. Going to bed at a decent time because you’re a morning person, not a night owl, dammit.

9. Science seems to say you’ve got the right idea as it makes you healthier and happier to wake up early then sleep early too. Who knows, but hey, science!

10. Peace. And. Quiet.

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