Top 10 Book Betrayals (Funny)


Top 10 Anime Book Betrayals:

1. The book ended

2. Sequel isn’t coming out until a year later

3. Books don’t write themselves

4. Fandoms keep posting cute OTP pics that make you want more of the new content

5. Content takes a long time to make

6. There aren’t just content fairies running around to help you out

7. Is fanfiction canon? Can it be canon?

8. The end of the last book gave you fuzzy feels. Then that pit of dread when you realized. Oh right. The end. End. No more. Must wait. Sequel. Ahhhh.

9. Your cute bookmark is without a home now. It is cold world for smol bookmark. Smol bean bookmark wants more love

10. Yay! New book is out and… IT COSTS HOW MUCH??

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