A Writer’s Ode to Coffee

As the clock ticks on, you’re still there with me.

With you, time stands still (and my heart for a couple of beats, until I’m sure that, yes, I haven’t had enough caffeine to overdose.)

And my eyes widen as I bring the mug to my lips, inhaling the scent

(it’s pretty bitter. Really, coffee is an acquired taste. But, who’s kidding about drinking it for the taste anyways? We all love it for the caffeine)

And a jolt (oh, there’s the caffeine! All 95 mg, unless it’s a darker roast)

I drain the coffee until the last drop, setting it down on the counter.

“More” I say, all ready for another cuppa

And I stretch my fingers along the keys, ready to fill that blank page with words

(Damn, what was I going to write again?)

I lean back, looking at the empty coffee cup with a sigh.

(This is going to take a while)

I pour another drink.

(Let’s get writing).

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