Ten Compliments to the Person Reading This

1. You woke up this morning and started your day, and regardless of how you started it, you’re here now. I’m happy you’re here to read this.

2. You have a wonderful laugh.

3. Somewhere, somebody is thinking about you. Even if it’s just that one person you held the door open for, you made a difference in somebody’s life enough to be remembered.

4. You tell wonderful stories, no matter written, spoken, or even daydreamed.

5. I like your smile, unique solely to you.

6. Regardless of your singing talent or training, you make music only the way you can.

7. You improved somebody’s day dramatically, regardless if they thanked you for it or not.

8. Your body tells the story of your life, appreciate it for all of what it is and what you are.

9. I think you have the potential to do 999 amazing things before breakfast. (Cue Alice in Wonderland).

10. I’m so glad you’re here and able to share this moment with me.


  1. Lydia on May 13, 2019 at 6:54 am

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it for Monday Blogs this week.

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