How Comments Can Help Writers Grow

I just wanted to encapsulate how amazing it feels when someone comments on your work in a way that makes you feel like, yes, your writing reached somebody on the internet and got something positive back from it.

(Because, it’s true, reviewing your favorite authors and indie authors’ books and leaving comments on internet authors’ writings DOES matter. And no, writers don’t write just because we crave attention like vampires do iron pills. But it does feel nice to be validated every once in a while).

And while we’re on the subject of leaving comments on online writers’ works or blogs or posts or whatever, there’s a difference between constructive and destructive. Constructive criticism says “I noticed a slight error here. Perhaps you can try X” (and a compliment sandwich never hurts). “But I really liked –!” (Because, let’s face it, we remember bad critiques more than we ever would a compliment. Our brains are suckers for pain.)

However, destructive comments simply tear down everything about someone’s art without any positive feedback. It’s like taking a hammer to someone’s home. Constructive criticism = replacing a faulty brick with a stronger one and adding mortar to seal in the seams.

Destructive = hammer.

It might not seem a lot, most would say its inconsequential. What’s a compliment really worth when they’re just words? Well, it’s as important as fostering somebody’s talent. If they’re just starting out, maybe they don’t know just yet if they should continue. Maybe they’re having a bad bout of writer’s block. Maybe they’re new writers who loved reading stories and wanted to try their hand at writing sometime. Artists have patrons, right? Without anybody to nurture new talent and help you along the way, it’s very rough just going it entirely alone.

Case in point, it’s always good to help foster new artists, writers, actors, musicians, jugglers and more! Just one positive comment can make someone’s entire day, and even change their life.

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