Ten Things I Love About Halloween

  1. I can be my creepy self with the excuse that “it’s Halloween season!”
  2. Wear creepy sweaters. Like Christmas, but with more skull-and-crossbones.
  3. Candy! Cookies! Ghostly cakes!
  4. The movies! Tim Burton, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown. The scarier bits: Poltergeist, The Shining, The Orphanage. Sign me up!
  5. The music. There’s the scary movie soundtracks, the Monster Mash, Thriller…
  6. Going into costume shops and trying on all the best costumes, and laughing at what they’ve decided to turn into a “sexy” costume this year. (Sharks? Really?)
  7. Pressing all the buttons on the Halloween decorations and setting all the screaming/Boos! off all at once.
  8. Haunted houses. (Admittedly, I wimp out at this one. There’s always someone with a chainsaw at the end that chases you. Chasing you AND being scared. That’s too much cardio for me.)
  9. Corn mazes. It’s a mix of scary Halloween and regular fall, so you’ve got the cinnamon scented stuff everywhere, the corn mazes, fresh corn with butter, giant cups of cocoa, warm gloves, and cozy comforters as you sit in front of the fire.
  10. Communing with the dead… wait what. I said nothing.

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