If You Ever Believe Your Writing’s Bad…

If you ever believe your writing’s bad…

Like, inconsolably bad. You’re filled with self-doubt and self-loathing, and just hate everything….

Here are some suggestions to think otherwise.

1. Take the writing to someone who loves you and have them read it. Even too-flowery encouragement is still enough to get out of the rut of self-loathing. You’re loved by someone, remember that.

2. Read over your old writing. Like, really old. See that? You learned how to dot your T’s, cross your I’s. You learned the difference between there, they’re, and their. YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS.

3. Join a writers’ group. Now you can all commiserate about not knowing if your writing is good or not. At the very least, maybe you can all talk each other out of hating your writing and start being constructive and loving to each other instead. 🙂

4. Write something. Look at it. Say “this is good. This is better than a blank page. I have conquered something”.

5. Know you’re not alone in your self-doubt. Stephen King (STEPHEN MOFO KING) even said, “I’m afraid of failing at whatever story I’m writing – that it won’t come up for me, or that I won’t be able to finish it.”

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