If Life Were REALLY A Musical

1. Waiting in line would have its own dance number

2. Not to mention traffic

*just another day of suuun*

3. Can you IMAGINE what office gossip would be like? Hear me out. Because everyone would sing a super epic monologue if they had some crazy revelation. No more secrets! (This is good and obviously very very bad)

4. All of us side-characters would be like:

5. High schools would become musicals.

6. The Tony Awards would become the new Nobel prize

7. So, would Hollywood movies just become musicals? And would musicals be more like documentaries? How…? Does it matter, because think of the Avengers, but in song!

8. History class would be so much more interesting

9. And more pro-LGBT+.

10. Let your freak flag fly… but in song. 😉

In conclusion, if only…

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